Top Ten Reasons for Infant Massage

  1. Helps parents unwind and reconnect with infants after being away (while enhancing bonding and attachment)
  2. Studies show bonding increases a parent’s feeling of attachment
  3. Massage reduces irritability and teaches baby to relax
  4. Helps promote hormone production which benefits weight gain and growth in infants
  5. Increases vocalization and direct eye-to-eye contact. This is directly related to early language development and speech!
  6. Promotes social, emotional and cognitive development. We are teaching babies how to respond, play and interact during these special times.
  7. Baby will thank you with coos and giggles throughout the massage
  8. Provides fathers with a special opportunity to strengthen their bond and relationship with infants
  9. Good for circulation and skin health. By using a non-nut, petroleum-free oil, the skin is nourished through massage.
  10. You have a tool that can be used to benefit the health of you child as they grow!

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