Class Schedule

The Art of Infant Massage With Kathleen Gates, LMT, CIMI These classes are especially designed for parents, grandparents, and primary caregivers, and are usually customized to meet the needs of each family. Typically, the multiple sessions last between 75 to 90 minutes and focus on: • The history, theory, and practice of Infant Massage • […]

On-Site Massage

For the workplace or your next event, consider this invigorating, (yet relaxing) option. Sessions generally occur in increments of 10, 15, or 30 minutes and can be performed in any setting. Recipients remain fully clothed. Perfect for a special event or to show employee appreciation. Use as a wellness service in your waiting room or […]

Infant Massage Instruction

Developmentally, an infant is not fully complete at birth. Nervous system pathways are still being refined and developed. Infant massage sparks the neurons in their brains to grow and branch out to encompass other neurons, enriching their development. Massage also provides essential indicators of intimate parent-infant bonding and attachment like eye-to-eye, touch, voice, smell, movement, […]

Massage Techniques

We offer a variety of massage techniques designed to improve your well-being. Swedish Massage Characterized by traditional long, fluid strokes that promote relaxation, improving circulation over time and assisting the lymph system to improve the immune system function. Deep Tissue Massage Techniques used specifically to restore motion and flexibility to strained or injured muscle tissue. […]